About us


Hantco International is in partnership with a wide range of global companies and renowned brands. We aim to identify those that are among the leaders of their respective categories and to take them forward by adding value at every stage of the relationship, consistently identifying growth opportunities. We are engaged in providing FMCG & Consumer Healthcare, Medical Equipments & Healthcare Informatics and Information Technology Solutions & Services.


Committed to delivering first-class products and affordable services, we are into all Import and Export operations and procedures. Being in direct contact with manufacturers we present commodities at the lowest rate possible without compromising quality standards and timeline.


Services we Provide

FMCG & Consumer Healthcare

The demand for FMCG & Consumer healthcare has increased & we offer products to our customers that are sourced from manufacturers with the highest quality standards. Hantco has a wide range of branded products that are sold quickly for best price in the market.

Information Technology Solutions & Services

Hantco offers quality services in Software & Mobile app development, Network & Security systems, Consulting management, Designing, Installation and Commissioning etc.

Medical Devices & Healthcare Informatics

Hantco thrives on Innovation to meet the ever growing needs of the healthcare sector and we deal with an extensive range of medical devices & healthcare informatics.